Those Transatlantics

Those Transatlantics make catchy smart pop songs that bring to mind New Pornographers and the Shins with a touch of Nina Persson. But comparisons aren't really fair. Check out the tracks below or go to their site to stream the entire album.


In Your Neighborhood

The Other Cheek

Check out their site or at myspace

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Work Clothes

Work Clothes are Jenny & Lee Waters; a husband and wife duo from Carrboro, NC who create brilliant southern chamber pop that is instantly familiar but completely unique. I can't stop listening to Over the Moon.mp3
Check them out at Myspace
Buy their album These Are The Shoes We Wear at Insound
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Dog of the Sea Swimming Towards Me

Every now and then a song is so simple and subtly catchy that you can't get the feeling of it out of your bones. El Perro Del Mar consistently dreams up breathy and soulful tunes for our daydreaming pleasure. Watch out for her new album out April 10 and a tour with the likes of Calexico, The Concretes & Jose Gonzalez this Spring.
From her forthcoming album:
God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get).mp3
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Cry Wolf

Peter and the Wolf are a downright creepy and genius folk outfit from Austin. They're awesome so check 'em out.
Download The Apple Tree.mp3
Watch the video How I Wish.mov
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Colour revolt!

I had to post this one. I heard a couple tracks from Colour Revolt on their Myspace page and haven't stopped listening to their EP since. It's filled with a fresh new energy that borders on loud and out of control but never actually crosses that line. Meanwhile each track brings something new to the table, but not in the Blur sense - each track definitely has its place and shares enough common bond to make a beautifully cohesive album. Buy it here.
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Junip (Jose Gonzalez) Video

Not new but new to me. Here's a Video for Junip's (Jose Gonzalez) Black Refuge track from the EP by the same name. MOV file here (7.9MB)
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Hopefully I'll only say this once, but I'm an album kind of guy. I'll never understand what use there is for a shuffle button. I look for albums that you can't pull a good track from because they are all consistently good. Well anyways, here are four upcoming albums I'm anticipating this spring.
Danielson - Ships - 5.09.06 - Secretly Canadian
Take Brother Danielson add Deerhoof, shake and you get an amazing album that will be hard to trump! Download Did I Step on Your Trumpet? from Ships.
Boris - Pink - 5.16.06 - Southern Lord
This heavy Japanese outfit makes their most accessible album yet. Gorgeous from start to finish! I'm still looking for a track for Boris. If anybody knows where to find them let me know.
Russian Circles - Enter - 5.16.06 - Flameshovel
Their upcoming release is sure to be loud and heavy without vocals. Think Pelican but much more consistent. Download Death Rides a Horse from their self-released EP.
Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown - TBA - Secretly Canadian
Richard Swift writes beautiful, vocally heavy albums. Each album seems as though it's a simple knob turn away from a new time and place. Listen to 2 tracks from this release on Richard Swift's Myspace Page
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Thank You

Thank you Traci for the good name.
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