The Prefab Messiahs

Following a successful rounding up of their early work and a 30th anniversary tour, Prefab Messiahs lay down their first new music in over three decades, and it seems right in step with both the melted plastic weirdness they captured at their outset and the garage blasted landscape they find themselves traversing. Burger seems like a perfect home for a band that's digging psychedelic gems out behind your garage. The band flit between jangled pop torrents and heatsick cartoon pop that would have fit in nicely with the knob twisted releases by Twinkeyz and Ozzie in their day. This time instead of Bobb Trimble leading htem down the recorded path the reigns are taken by Doug Tuttle and Jesse Gallagher and this time the colors burn brigher, more saturated and burnt just at the edges. In an age when every band older than 10 years is reforming, anniversary touring and reissuing, its good to know that there are still weird corners of the universe that rightfully get their second chance.


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