Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon has been slicing through electronic intelligentsia over the course of several releases, including the rather sizable accomplishment that was Movement. But whatever she's done in the past is dusted by the release of Platform, a disorienting, complex sea of voices and electronics that sounds like the brainchild of Prefuse 73, Oneohtrix Poing Never and Katie Gately left alone in a room. Though comparisons only scratch the surface, Herndon is really carving out her own place in high-minded electronic composition and infusing it with a shifted and unshackled pop ideal. She's moved beyond explorations of trance and further towards the avant-garde edge. Platform feels chaotic in a way that reflects society at large, a blur of images, messages, voices and input. Tracks like "Locker Leak" really highlight the over-saturation inherent in everyday life; but she knows that it can't all be overwhelming. The calm and chaos find a strangely sublime balance over the course of the album's run, leaving the listener stunned but not broken.


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