Surf City

Surf City are back on the scene following 2013's excellent We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This. The band resume their stance on bliss flecked rhythmic pop that draws as much from the motorik grind pushing it like an engine as it does from South Hemi jangle cracking in the forefront. The record's got more of an even keel than its predecessor, which had some dizzyingly high moments in its singles. Nothing on Jekyll Island quite hits those highs, but it keeps some pretty constant quality across the board. In many ways this album seems like it will only blossom as the Spring unfolds. The glint off of the best moments of Surf City always has a midsummer, sun dipping over the beach quality to it that hits nostalgic notes on the nose and can't help but make you wanna roll the windows down and share the good vibes. That balmy quality is all over Jekyll Island, begging for the crisp snap of a beer tab to accompany these songs into the nighttime. For now, maybe it'll serve as a primer for warmer days or at least an aural vacation when those icicles get too menacing.


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