Föllakzoid continue to explore the outer reaches of space with their Hawkwind-sized aural excursions on III, aptly their third proper release for Sacred Bones. The Chilean band thrive on a steady diet of Krautrock engine exhaust, locked into tyrannical feats of rhythm that are here augmented by German electronic impresario Atom TM, who added a touch of synthesizer squelch to the four monolithic tracks that make up III. The band exists in shadowy corners, moving mysteriously through ritualistic sermons that bring visions of cloaked figures in the night. Very little light escapes from the universe that makes up the tribal heatstroke visions and shamanistic murmurings that fill the edges of this LP. The band bite down hard on tension and dread but leave just enough room for a fevered release from the grips of those two vices. When release finally comes its only too brief as the band ramps back up the gnash of guitar all over again. After two solid starts, the band continue to dominate the new edge of Krautrock like few others.


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Blogger Brian L said...

I'm just not getting Föllakzoid's III. I've dug everything, deeply, from these cats up to this point, but this record leaves me cold.

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