Six Organs of Admittance

Two years on from his Ascent album, which dipped into heavier territory for Six Organs, Ben Chasny strips away almost all of the fingerpicked folk that made his legacy and goes in for a full on rock record. Not that he's all that unfamiliar with the terrain, having spent time in Comets On Fire and conspiring with Plastic Crimewave among other amplifier burnt projects, but this is the first Six Organs album to really immerse itself in heaviness. The album was written using a system of composition that Ben developed to "to extinguish patterns and generate new means of chord progressions and choices." The results are an album that blows through walls of hiss and feedback, slinks down alleys filled with an overt sense of dread and utilizes the Hexadix system to contextualize lyrics in a way that feels uneasy as Burroughs cut-ups. There's more creeping ambiance than movement sometimes and the submergence in noise is a good look on Chasny's long running project. He's not going it alone here, though, and the cast of players on Hexadic certainly speak to the final results, with Noel Von Harmonson (Comets on Fire, Sic Alps) on drums, Rob Fisk (Common Eider, King Eider, Badgerlore) on bass and Charlie Saufley (Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound) on bass. The ensemble crafts a record that meets Chasny's goal of unpredictability, while biting hard as an acidic rock record underneath the din. Seems that there's also a book on the Hexadic system along with a set of playing cards that help facilitate the choices on the way as well.


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