Progressiv TM - Dreptul De A Visa
Romania didn't have too many musical exports in the 70's. The leading edge of Romanian rock was Phoenix (or Transsylvania Phoenix) but there were others just below the surface that made a local impact, even if the national
stage was far removed from their grasp. Progressiv TM took a mix of heavy, fuzzed rock, Black Sabbath licks that kicked to the sternum, and folk-tinged with flute for a kind of Jethro Tull / Sabbath hybrid that makes their album Dreptul De A Visa an intriguing listen and an excellent example of post-communist East European prog. The album has a crisp sound and the more wistful vocals set it apart from the aforementioned influences, keeping it from being all testosterone and a more diverse listen that bears the influence of its surroundings. While largely unavailable for years or only as an expensive import CD, Grandilla has put it back into print on LP and digital. Prog / Heavy Rock nuts would be loathe to miss out on this one.


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