Colleen Green

Green's had a penchant for the 90's in the past and its eked through in her last two albums full of stripped bare garage punk, now with a move into the studio she snuggles up to Gen X like a comforting blast of nostalgia that feels more substantive that just grunge pastiche. Her previous releases held more in common with the buzzsaw on a shoestrng aesthetics of early Nobunny than with any of 120 Minutes staples, but the addition of JEFF the Brotherhood's Jake Orrall and Diarrhea Planet's Casey Weissbuch to the lineup, a move to higher fidelity and songwriting that truly embraces her album title, I Want To Grow UP is the best blast of 90's Alt Rock since the Singles soundtrack hit the shelves. Landing somewhere between Letters To Cleo and Julianna Hatfield with heavy doses of Weezer running in its veins, the album hits that velvet hammer crunch just perfect. Green's vocals never sneer or growl, she's more inclined to pine than spit acid, but paired with those huge hookin' guitars she pumps the album directly into "yelling at the top of your lungs in a shitty car" territory that feels more like high school than a pile of thrift store baby doll dresses and a pair of Doc Martens. She finds a dark heart in the album's midsection, but even when the fuzz subsides and the insistent beat takes over, it still feels like growing pains in the best ways. This is and album built for the repeat button, and ours is already starting to get worn out.


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