Avalanche - Perseverance Kills Our Game
Dutch prog-folk band Avalanche certainly didn't make a huge impact at the time of the release of Perseverance Kills Our Game. The album, recorded in a single day, was pressed in a small private
press edition of 500 and mostly given to friends of the band. However, as with the cream of private press gems, its made an impact in collector's circles for its blend of crystalline UK-style folk with heavy fuzz leads landing it someplace between Pentangle and Fresh Maggots. The record really steps up when guitarist Daan Slaman cranks up the fuzz, though its apparent that far more orchestration went into this than many small press rarities and this attention to detail also sets it apart from standard collector fare. Rescued from obscurity with a needle drop transfer, as the original masters were nowhere to be found, Guerreson has put this one back into the ranks of vinyl.


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