Dead Farmers

It’s telling that Dead Farmers were the inspiration to set up Aarght records. The label, now a litmus of some of Australia's most vital garage punk opened its doors to release the band's debut 7" in 2006. Their debut for R.I.P. Society followed on that single with a blast of straightforward rock n' roll that took no shit and knew how to wield an amplifier like a weapon of righteous fury. It’s been four years since that debut and the band shows no signs of cooling the fires. Wasteland is no frills rock, straight from the marrow to vibrational core of the listener. Eschewing any whiff of effects, its the sound of three men in a room bashing out low slung growl that comes on like a guitar golem plodding its path with little regard to those in the way. They have a clear love of that crux in time when rock pared back its excesses, took a split from prog's bloat and ebbed its way down a path that would come to be cut by punk. They're finding solace in that moment when rock could light the raw nerve again and frankly their enthusiasm is contagious.


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