The Memories

The Memories have always had a strain of potential that runs through their output and tends to outweigh a lot of the final results. However, when the band hits that nail just right, they hit it square and along with the breezy Love is The Law their latest record Hot Afternoon captures their blend of lackadaisical summer Sunday vibes and pop transcendence at its height. The LP seems to have snuck out with little fanfare in the tail of 2014, but the inspired pairing of Sonny Smith on production with the band's stripped and swooning vibe seems far too perfect to slip away without notice. Its not a complex record, just the right feeling for the right time and when the ten tracks on this one hit you at the end of a long day, its all the salve that your frustrations need. Appropriately hitting the racks via Burger who've had just a touch quieter year in 2014 but as usual, seem to be keeping the dream alive.


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