King Khan & The Gris Gris

As an addendum to their great single from Garage Swim, King Khan's teamed up with The Gris Gris for a full album's worth of tracks that balance Khan's fiery garage-soul with the Oakland band's psych touches. The tracks wander into some slow territory when the King gets to pinin' but when they kick up the fire it gives some new tack for Khan, sort of a 60's pop slide on his vocabulary. They even kick some new perspective on Shrines tracks like "Born To Die" – it’s easy to see how both halves of this equation were built for each other. Also, it’s just good to see The Gris Gris back on the circuit, having not really heard anything substantial from them since '05. I know they're still burning the L.A. live scene but this is the first recording that seems to have hit since a live bit in '08. For now Murder Burgers remains a treat on KK's bandcamp, so head on over for a late year bit of 2014 fire.


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