Hideous Sun Demon

More fire from the South Hemi with the debut record from Perth's Hideous Sun Demon. The band, named after the cult 50's horror flick, burns with muscular, hip-slung punk that's driving from the well of Oh Sees fervor that's taken hold of more than a few bands their way plus six or seven dashes of homegrown Aussie Punk flashes. The guitars gnash while the rhythm section chugs like an oilcan of the cheapest lager. They bash through the bleak halls of The Adolescents, combining a knack for sneered sentiment backed with an angry clangor in fine fashion. And though clearly sucking on the tailpipe of those punk poses, notably its their swing from the bleak waters of post-punk to the edges of stoner rock's sixteen pound drudge that seems to really give them a unique shape. Pulled together with the snarling vocals of Vin Buchanan-Simpson, whose contempt can be felt slinking from the speakers and pulling the shades in any room, Sweat is a rather triumphant debut.


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