Damo Suzuki & Mugstar

Hard not to be intrigued by this collaboration on name alone. Mugstar, the heir apparent to Suzuki's Can legacy collaborating with the legend for one night, one performance with the stipulation that they not practice or prep beforehand. The outcome of this experiment in psych is four tracks that burn with Krautrock fever, led by Suzuki's feverish vocal delivery but bolstered plenty by Mugstar's intensity and adept adaptation. They open on fire, burning though thirteen plus minutes of scorch and fury, then cool to the kind of creeping dread that both halves of this equation seem so succinct at invoking. The capper on the whole affair is the twenty-two minute coda that brings the night and record to a close. Leaving the intensity they built at the start looking like a warmup, the final track writhes and seizes with psychedelic shred. These bastards are limited to 500 and probably one of the best sets of improv psych going today. Worth tracking down.


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