Matthew Melton

Matthew Melton, better known around these parts as the driving force behind Bare Wires, Warm Soda and Snake Flower 2, isn't exactly hurting for output. But as prolific entities seem in the habit of, there's more material than various incarnations can hold. So as with his first solo LP, Outside of Paradise wrangles up the cutting room floor and misplaced extras that just don't seem to find a place in his regular canon. As such there's the edge of glam, hint of power pop that's been prevalent in Melton's recent offerings from Warm Soda. There's a touch of the swagger that made Bare Wires cut so hard, but more often this is a softer side of Melton and perhaps that's the tie that binds these together. The winking playfulness that's always bubbling under Warm Soda is nowhere to be found on this LP's title track, a swooning pop song that's tinged more with sadness than triumphant strut. Even when the tracks bound into the room, Melton often seems lovelorn, a Lothario pining rather than preening. Despite their varied recording dates the songs stitch together into a pretty seamless quilt of garage pecked pop that's branded with plenty of Melton's charm. It may not soundtrack your Saturday night the way that Warm Soda did earlier in the year but Sunday afternoon is waiting for this side of Melton.


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