Steve Gunn

It's hard to follow up the year Gunn had in 2013, with a celebrated solo album and RSD gem Golden Gunn, but he's back at it again and in true form, he's wrangled another gorgeous solo cut that's pushing him ever further towards the pop edge while still keeping that mournful soul that's always drawn us in. Way Out Weather is less of an introspective tumble than Time Off, opting instead for expansive skies tinged with amber hues that feel like they might stretch on forever. He's returned again to Black Dirt Studios, gestational home to many RSTB beloved albums, and there Gunn and his core players (plus a few new additions) shaded the album into form with fine brushstrokes. Gunn's become something of a new troubadour in the process of the last couple of records, equal parts JJ Cale and Tim Buckley, while contextualizing his wilder guitar side into digestible, but no less remarkable form. Though he does let his wilder instincts prevail on closer "Tommy's Congo." So while he's got plaintive pathos to spare and Way Out Weather draws the listener in with promises of smooth porch rockers that blossom on further inspection into weightier material much to our delight. It seems certain that fall has found a new companion in Gunn and this may well end up your soundtrack through the end of 2014.


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Anonymous Phil Desaulniers said...

Great stuff!
I do miss your garage rock posts on Tuesdays. I've been looking forward to those posts for years. It'd be great if you could continue doing those again.

12:41 PM  

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