King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Wouldn't be a good year for King Gizz unless they were two albums deep, runnin' ragged and blowing minds on two continents. Thankfully, they are and it’s us who reap the benefits. After the mothership that was Oddments landed and the band made good on some US tour promises, they've got another one lined up for November (with a reported album on deck just behind that) and its finding an apt home at Dwyer n Company's Castle Face Records here in the US. The first third of this fuzz behemoth shows ample reason why they've landed in the scuzz center of the West Coast. There's a distinct blown cone vibe running through the first four tracks of I'm In Your Mind Fuzz and they play like a breathless suite one after another with the insistent chug of bass and that high wail of harmonica tying straws like a frantic shaman. Only after the radio fade static and jukebox plunk runs out the groove between "I'm In Your Mind Fuzz" and "Empty" does the band seem to take a breath and after seeing them perform these live last summer it seems that's just the point. After the tar and cinder clears though the band returns to their prism refracted soul jams, with some real cool water oases floating out the backside of this sucker. Oddments is a hard bar to jump and in that respect Mind Fuzz doesn't necessarily vault the wall but that doesn't mean its not kicking ass on a good many 2014 releases all the same and begging for some of your pocket change. If you're not locked on this Flightless crew, and to that renaissance brooding in the underbelly of the Southern Hemisphere, then it’s about damn time isn't it?


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