Windian Subscription Series
Whew, getting behind on my singles so its time to wrap a few up into on massive post here. Windian's been cranking for a while now, repping the DC vibes right but picking up a continental garage crop while keeping a keen eye on the past in tune with
HoZac's similarly minded 7" reissues. First up they've got a new crop on their second installment of the subscription series, pulling in gems from vet garage gangs A Giant Dog and Mrs. Magician while introducing a couple of new bits via the girl group charm of The Ettes, who swing with a bright-eyed jangle and some pop punk pounding via Overnight Lows. Plus, a nice dose of oddball dirge-sludge rumble from The Apes, whose creeping "Bodies" is a nervy mash of fuzzed bass and squirmy keys.


The Ar-Kaics - Why Should I? 7"s
Kicking harder than anything in that set though is this single from Richmond, Virgina's Ar-Kaics. In anticipation of their recently released full length, Windian issued this double shot of cracked knuckle rock n' roll. The A-side is jumped up and full of leather tough
moves that would make the toughest of the denim vest set proud to blast this out the windows. The flip tones down the tempo but beefs up the menace, with a gnashed teeth twang that feels as angry as the title, "Slave To Her Lies". Both are excellent reasons to check into their newly released long player.


Last but certainly by no means least, the label is also issuing a single by RSTB faves The Hussy who only seem to be getting better with age. There's a demented little video for the A-side off of their new Windian single and its every bit as ragged, ravaged and revved as anything off of last year's year end pick Pagan Hiss. Check it out above and pick that sucker up below.

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