Zig Zags

There's nothing subtle in Zig Zags debut release. Its a dirty shot of punk / metal that seethes with energy and pulses with the spirit of high school notebook scribbles and faded denim. Every song tumbles out of the gates swinging wildly, but the production is by no means messy. It has the taut feeling of 80's speed metal that's just a little murky at the edges rather that brittle and bright. Its impossible not to feel some sort of kinetic force pushing the pedal to the floor, the elbows to the face or the body headlong into chaos while their eponymous album's on the speakers. There have been plenty of bands of late that have found the sweet spot between garage and punk but few that evoke the windpipe punch of early 80's rumble better than Zig Zags. Its been a banner year for In The Red and this is just one more reason they'll always be an endless well of punk froth.


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