Wreckless Eric - Le Beat Group Electrique
Coming into fame in the late 70's as part of the Stiff Records stable, Wreckless Eric released a string of often boozy, often overlooked records that never really found their place in punk. Following a
few hiatuses from music, some reconfigurations and a stint in a mental hospital Eric moved to France to record Le Beat Group Electrique. Hooking up with Andre Barreau and Catfish Truton as a backing group, he recorded the record in his apartment, against the suggestions of pretty much everyone at the time. The small space constraints began to shape the direction of the group as the apartment wouldn't allow for drums or large amps, so they used practice amps and a cardboard box for a drum kit. The result is a record that has a crackling charm, laid back and locked somewhere between the Velvets and Jonathan Richmond. Despite all the resistance at the time the record stands up much better than any could have guessed, especially in an age when home recording is commonplace, but these are some of the forefathers of the movement for sure. Fire issued this one for Record Store Day but copies can still be had both physically and digitally, I highly recommend picking one up.


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