The Soundcarriers

Ghost Box seems to exist in an alternate reality where the sepia-toned 70's world of The Virgin Suicides stretches on forever. A world where the members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop meet Wes Anderson to go shopping for vintage Eames chairs everyday at lunch. That world of rich analog sound and crisp design rears up once again on their latest addition to the family, The Soundcarriers. The band has existed in some of the same nostalgia circles for some time but the pairing of their aesthetic with that of Julian House seems to have crested in a wave of Formica and fondue induced creativity. The album is rife with swirling organs that swell in climate controlled perfection while the voice of Leonore Wheatley jars the listener clean out of time. Chuck in a rhythm section that can click n' chug with motorik perfection and a spacey, filmstrip voice over from Elijah Wood (perhaps channeling his Ice Storm days?) and the album is cocktail party ready. If you needed another reason to dip into Ghost Box, which you really shouldn't, then this album is to be placed on the must list next to Belbury Poly and The Focus Group.


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