Mary Monday - I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie 7"
Hozac's archival series always straddles the line between the re-released and singles features but since its technically a 7" its going here. Reissue of Mary Monday's firecracker single from '77
that may as well serve as a AA side stomper. A favorite of John Peel and a reputation as opening for The Ramones on their first San Francisco gig give Monday some weight for sure but even without such historical context these two tracks would rip the doors off of plenty of imitators around today just trying to capture half the frenetic energy that exists in these two tracks. Mary Monday has a yowl like the best of them and she comes across like Poly Styrene with a poutier delivery. Not necessarily part of the typical punk canon but this one should be slotted into collections and mixtapes alike for years to come.


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