David Novick

Novick's second album, following the re-release of his debut on GOD?, is a fuller and more vibrant record; culling a more pastoral folk sound that's underpinned with the matchstick flicker of bright psych-fuzz, resulting in a more well rounded statement than he's made previously. The record stretches out with yawning fingers towards summer skies feeling, despite its more studio refinement, more like a backporch psych-folk record from the boom of 2004. And that's in no way meant to say that this sounds dated, merely that its picking up where many of those deft records left off, in their own way echoing 1967 through the fractured prism of present day. With some amiable help from GOD? label honcho Ty Segall on drums and the perfectly placed vocal accompaniment of Claire Plumb, Your Sister's Hand stands as a pastoral gem cut through with striped sunlight bouncing off the afternoon pollen. Now's the time to get in on Novick's work, as it feels like it can only get more exciting from here on out.


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