Millie & Andrea

Killer collaboration from Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare, Miles) that moves on from the pair's early 12"s and into a heavy, rhythmic space that's choked, dark and raw. The compositions are aimed at the dancefloor but through 40-grit abrasive haze that shapes the sound into a jagged ball of movement, inciting all sorts of sonic lacerations in the process. Nowhere near as heady as either of the pair's solo stints, instead of heading through the hypnogogic jungle, Whittaker and Stott have instead taken their pop influences to task, letting the thump lead the cause on Drop the Vowels, but where others could simply let this act as a blowoff and quickly devolve into rote bro club jams, Millie & Andrea keep their jagged edge throughout, weaving ambiance, ether and even a bit of field recording into the DNA of dance. The album acts as an experimental Trojan Horse, letting the weird in through the crush of digestible beat.


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