Gäy - Blue Blue Heart 7"
Been a while since we've had a single to review around here, seems they're getting fewer and further between these days. Still some great labels soldier on in the pursuit of a good double shot first impression and Zoo Music always
seems to come across with the quality pickups. This time they snag the Danish troupe Gäy who keep things delighfully lo-fi and off the cuff with their first single for the label. The a-side is all catchy jangle and vintage drum machine stomp with tales of love gone wrong, a topic that never seems to wear thin. Muffled strums and a woozy music box keyboard give way to the swooning vocals that make up the centerpiece here, taking their catchy refrain straight to your own blue blue heart. Flip side strips things back even further to an acoustic romp that crackles with a teenaged intensity that befits no frills delivery. Interested to see what this group can do given some time and production but for now they're starting things off on a good foot.


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