The Night Party

The Melbourne duo Night Party pull a pretty convincing drive down the valley between soul and rock with heavy nods to latter day Black Keys and The Stones during their camp out at Muscle Shoals. For a duo they pump up enough sweat flooded groove humpers for a six-piece and come off all the better for it, their sound feeling as huge as any hall but with a certain restrained style that has the feel of 60's straight to tape recording. The pair work like a well oiled unit that knocks 'em out and gets the job done right, taking the kind of well-worn rock 'n soul moves that a lesser band would parlay into bar band bullshit to a level that moves beyond mere emulation and into understanding of their influences. Its got grit and sheen in the right places, playing things smooth as necessary but still knowing when's the time to get the hips moving. The only thing is missing is a horn section (and maybe a new graphic designer for the cover) the rest is just right.


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