Sun Araw

Its been a few records since Sun Araw struck up the RSTB ear. A fixture on the site for a long time in Stallones early days of the band and with Magic Lantern, the humid swamp rhythms tumbled from the Araw in thick waves for a while. Though the last couple left us on the fence, it seems that Stallones has finally found a good balance between the heady experiments of his Drag City tenure and the body thumping entanglements of his Not Not Fun days. Belomancie warbles n' throbs, stung with synthesizer workouts that ease tracks in like tone generator test patterns then resolve into the kind of dank, cavernous clouds that have always claimed a spot in RSTB's heart. With a focus on extended tracks the material here is dense, dropping down caverns of slick heatwave vs. Mr. Wizard soundtrack vibes for upwards of fourteen minutes. Certainly no territory for the uninitiated, but intrepid travelers will be able to navigate the foggy enclaves of Sun Araw's terrain with ease. It’s landscaping disguised as music, architecture of the mind. Ease into Stallones Zen garden and take a wander through the tombs.


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