Radio City - Class of '77
Another power pop gem from the archives today. Radio Heartbeat resurrected the ashes of Radio City (aptly named after the Big Star album) and collects them into the album that never was. Molded right in the heart of '77, the tracks bounce along on bright
guitars and tales of heartbreak. The band may not have been able to get it together at the time but legacy serves to say that they were sorely short changed as the jangle and strum are strong here with touches of Big Star, Raspberries and Blue Ash filtering through as well as the Bandfinger / Beatles vibes that inevitably surface from this era of power pop. Its when they tip just over the edge of punk that they're at their best though, but ahhh what coulda been. We'll just have to settle for what was and that's thirteen tracks of teenaged woes and big hearted pop.


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