Dahga Bloom

Dahga Bloom roll in the storm with some real gas-choked, crank case type of psych; stinging the eyes, burning the throat and generally clear cutting whatever's in the path of their amplifier fury. Taking shades though Hawkwind territory but riding the Lords of Light vibe straight through the cosmic slop and far deeper into the frayed ends of the black hole, they know that volume + haze is a recipe for sonic bliss. The jagged edges greet the listener on impact but there are plenty of smoke-billowed vocals floating in the embryonic center of the vortex. No Curtains does a good job of translating the maelstrom to some sort of tangible form but its evident that the band live in the live realm, that these songs can only hope to be contained by their recorded versions. Still, as far as scorched earth psych goes in the dawn of 2014, this is as good as its sounds.


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