Holy Wave

Holy Wave's second LP takes its new home at The Reverberation Appreciation Society to heart. The label, run by Austin Psych Fest, is the perfect home for the band's brand of wobbly, cave-echoed 60's shakers. Relax luxuriates in a heat vapor-stung bit of country psych and there's a definite taste of Texan 60's touchstones running through their mix, with bits of Thirteenth Floor Elevators and Cold Sun making the rounds but as if found at a thrift shop, with the record baking under a bit of age and sun and dust. Its hard not to sweat a little bit listening to the band, as Relax seems to be the imperative only because their hot tar psychosis makes it difficult to want to do anything other than melt into the nearest chair and let the album wash over you in waves. Best pick this up on vinyl as something this attuned to the crackle of amplifier heat has no room for digestion in a non-analog world. 180g Orange seems to fit quite nicely.


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