TV Colours

Ah the inevitable year-end catchup of finding gems hidden in others lists that had gotten completely missed during the year. Despite RSTB's rather obvious obsession with all things coming out of AUS/NZ this year, somehow this nugget from Canberra eluded our speakers. The album is a sprawling concept record tied together with pop chunks, found sound interludes and noise experiments and the band's Bobby Kill has often referenced Hüsker Dü's Zen Arcade as the main inspiration for the album, and it's certainly the Mould/Hart vein of anything goes, everything fits. The tales on Purple Skies, Toxic River wrap up the feeling of frustrated youth, flailing, failing, growing up and trying not to burn out. The bits and pieces of TV Colours feel instantly familiar but juxtaposed and unwrapped fresh. Somehow Kill seems to have dipped arms in the same fountain of pop rocks that exploded from the likes of Tony Molina this year but muddied up in a post-No Age slop of fuzz and static film. One that had gotten passed over earlier but shouldn't be missed any longer.


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