Steve Moore

Zombi's Steve Moore has always captivated in the solo realm, from his solitary synth rumblings on a fledgling Mexican Summer to his recent (and extremely apt) horror studies for Death Waltz. He's a master of the synth within an emotional context, not merely sounding like a bygone echo cut out of time, but instead always eliciting visceral, gutwrenching soundtracks to unseen forces. In this case, Moore soundtracks the possibility of Pangaea Ultima, a theoretical landmass of colliding continents that may or may not form through forces unfolding over the next quarter billion years. Without ever laying on the syrupy sci-fi of that premise too thick, the tracks form a kind of hopelessness, tension and wonder that might easily evoke being plunked down on such a landmass, but regardless of context the set moves the listener to examine the colliding forces in their own thoughts just as heavily. The tension, wonder and hopeless drift that seep out of the record find their way under the skin, colliding cells on a micro level and forming and unforming worlds in the listener's consciousness. This is Steve's first for the venerable Spectrum Spools, but it seems like a pairing far overdue. Pick this one up on sight.


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