Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips are something of a staple around here and so its always with celebration that each new record is received. Back To Land sees the band venture out of San Francisco for recording for the first time, taking the laid back, natural environs of Portland as a backdrop and utilizing that vibe on the record to influence the tone. The biggest change is the addition of acoustic guitar to their usually electric palette and it gives many of the songs a nice brushstroke of warmth over the cold motorik grind of the Shjips heady stew. The results are not a watered down Shjips but rather a progression to a more relaxed, West Coast psych built on their hardwired groove. Though its not a complete relaxation, peppered in are still some traditional Shjips grinders that feel like they could bridge the gap between West and Land. Each new release from the band just adds to a stellar catalog and this latest is no exception, as essential as any of their records.


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