The Records - Shades In Bed (S/T)
The Records' first record contains two of their best-known singles, the essential power pop anthem "Starry Eyes" and the admittedly creepy in retrospect "Teenarama". The band took inspiration from The Raspberries and Big Star (often being compared to
the latter here in the States) and following the release of "Starry Eyes" they grabbed some attention on Stiff Records' Be Stiff tour, though they'd eventually sign to Virgin. Their first album was released in two versions, as Shades in Bed in the UK and as a self-titled record for the U.S. Sadly they never really nabbed the attention they should have. The two singles charted decently and they'd go on to record two more albums but the lack of longterm success would lead them to dissolve by the early 80’s. Of course some recognition would come along with their appearance on the Yellow Pills compilations and thankfully the album has been reissued and reinstated to its rightful place on any power pop fan's shelf.


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