Heldon - Interface
Richard Pinhas, who was also in RSTB faves Schizo, created several albums under the name Heldon, evolving over the years from a full rock band leaning towards prog to this stripped down trio, including drummer Francois Auger and
keyboardist Patrick Gauthier that embraced some of the more harrowing sonic elements of the progressive spectrum. Heavily influenced by the guitar work of Robert Fripp during his tenure with Brian Eno, Pinhas crafted the dark and subversive Interface, rife with squalling guitar, growling synth and a general futuristic fog that feels menacing yet somehow inviting, as if the danger element is a challenge to jump in feet first. Regarded by many as their pinnacle, the album works its way towards the epic finale found in the title track that stretches the boundaries and pulls them closer to the German Progressives of the era like Can and Ash Ra Temple. Certainly an album that should be on the minds of those interested in Kraut, Kosmiche or the early experiments in electronics, Interface is a squelching, disorienting ride that's thankfully back on LP via Superior Viaduct, who have been killing it lately in the reissue department. Pinhas would go on to work solo for many years as well but Heldon might remain some of his most vital years.


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