M. Geddes Gengras

Known for collaborations with Sun Araw and for production work / session work for Pocahaunted, L.A. Vampires, Robedoor, and Akron/Family, Gengras has recently come to the forefront of conversations around synth and Kosmiche circles, especially after his solo debut, Test Leads. Long before that release though, he'd been laying experiments with Moog Rogue and MG-1 units to 4-track tape, laced with tracks that floated serenely along a collected consciousness through line that would connect all of his work. Thrill Jockey has collected these recordings, made from 2008 - 2011 and pressed them to a gorgeously packaged LP. The works have a haunted ennui about them and utilize the heaviest emotional aspects of the Moog's capabilities to express a longing that's not always associated with the synthesizer. There's certainly New Age connotations as the label would suggest but more so there are echoes of the endless drift of experimental sets that feel a kinship with Gengras' work, and a heavily furrowed countenance that hangs over the whole collection. Had you slept on Gengras in the past, or solely associated him with the Sun Araw / Congos collaboration, be prepared to open a new chapter on him in your book of synth masters.


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