Faint Wild Light

Those familiar with James Ginzburg only through his Multiverse Music label, or perhaps through noise deconstructionist alter ego Emptyset will certainly be surprised to find him embracing the hushed warmth of close quarters folk on his latest outing. Its folk through the eyes and ears of someone versed in electronic music though, and it hearkens back to the tail end of the psychedelic-folk boom of the early 2000s when a subset began experimenting with skittering beats, found sounds and multi-tracked vocals to form a folktronic stew. Names like Gravenhurst have already been thrown about but there's a certain similarity to Tunng, Tenniscoats or Silje Nes going on here as well. Though, no matter how you try to pin him down in genre, Ginzburg seems to find an inviting way to bring the listener closer, with a tendency to envelop a room in sound like a heated blanket all the while letting the electronic accoutrements behind his flannel voice dance around the ceiling like firelight. As fall grows nearer, this is the perfect companion.


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