David Novick

Novick released this album in a miniscule run of 100 last year on his own Sun Sneeze records (please tell me that's a Pete & Pete reference) also home to his band Water Cooler. The record is full of the kind of hushed and gnarled smoke psych that Kurt Vile once perpetrated on his first couple of releases but cut through with a wandering sense of 90's indie touchpoints that brush through both Dino Jr. and Sebadoh in their more languidly sunburnt moments. It dives further down the psych rabbit hole on "Ashtray" which blends an echo laden Six Organs/Emeralds/Flying Saucer Attack approach into a quivering psych swelter. The record doesn't put on too much in the way of a production hat, its mostly just Novick, a guitar and his 4-track laying down folk-psych nuggets that beat with the heart of his San Francisco locale. He's raised his profile by locking a stint opening for Ty Segall, but if you didn't catch him on that run, the record is a great place to start to get familiar with him. The first run is out of print but Ty is reissuing it on his new Drag City imprint GOD? next month.


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