The Human Expression - Love at Psychedelic Velocity
Mississippi branches out and rescues a garage nugget from further obscurity with a reissue of The Human Expression's Love at Psychedelic Velocity. The L.A. band is known for their single "Optical Sound" that,
speaking of Nuggets, showed up on the famed compilation of the same name. The band was more than just that single trick, and more often than not eschewed that song's effects reliant psychedelia for a tougher edged garage rock as evident from the single's flip "Calm Me Down", and especially as represented by the unreleased version of "Calm Me Down" also included here. The band's career was essentially three solid singles, all present and accounted for here, and its not exactly the album its always been presented as in earlier reissues, but it's a solid collection of tracks even with no through line. The singles are aided by recording from Wally Heider, who would also come to be known for his work with The Dead. Notably, the band has been picked out for passing on recording a version of "Born to Be Wild" when the demo was picked up and presented to them by their manager as a possible single. They recorded another song by the song's author, "Sweet Child of Nothingness", which lacks much of the punch of the Steppenwolf classic. The band falls in easily with comparisons to other notable, tough skinned bands of the time, often skirting the traits of The Seeds and Thirteenth Floor Elevators alike. Mississippi, of course, gives the collection its proper due with a limited pressing complete with bonus 7". It marks the first time this has been on vinyl, following a few CD and digital issues of the comp in the past and is limited to a run of 2000.


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