Pop 1280

Pop 1280 turn in their sophomore album for Sacred Bones (and third release overall) and the band shows no signs of gaining a sunny worldview over the course of ten brutally bare and biting tracks. Imps of Perversion gnashes its teeth and bites down hard on the dystopian vein that the band has been pumping over the last couple of years, licking the wounds of a disheveled city with an acid tongue of post-punk and battered scraps of industrial ethos. Easily the band that could be voted most likely to play the Thunderdome once the supports crumble from an indulgent society, Pop 1280 are 20 years ahead of all of us in their brand of sternum cracking vitriol and ruination sleaze. Their Brave New World vision has tightened and flexed with the aid of production work via Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Cop Shoot Cop, Swan) who gives the record its due space while also gathering a few extra threatening clouds from his years of experience with the cream of the disgruntled crop. Its the kind of record that exists because Sacred Bones exists, and in that respect that the cracked heavens it does. The world needs a bit of reminding of the dark vibes creeping up from under its feet.


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