Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Much as I understand the Australian significance of the band's name, I still balk at a moniker that's the Aussie equivalent to naming your band "Zack and Kelly's Prom." Though, honestly the fact that some indie band hasn't picked that one up yet is woefully beyond me. It seems only a matter of time. Nevertheless, Scott & Charlene has a jangle-pop charm that transcends silly names and it results in songs that seem to get stuck on an endless loop in your head with a slacker ease that's on par with Parquet Courts and fellow South Hemi travelers Twerps. A step up in execution from their recent EP, they volley the success of jangled earworms like "Gammy Leg" (which appears here) into an album of blissfully unencumbered jams all jockeying for playlist prominence. There's a breezy quality to the whole record and it infects listeners with a wistfulness that can only come from that South Hemi, though the band may have rolled quite a bit of NYC touchstones in as well after a move to US shores during recording. Still, no matter their locale, this screams down under jangles and if you've been creeping around Raven for the past year or so, you'd know that the situation suits us just fine.


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