It’s been a long time coming to the advent of Lantern's first LP. Six EPs and a single have blown our way since first catching them on Zach Fairbrother's exit from Omon Ra II and the cult of Lantern has only grown in those intervening years. Now a trio with Emily Robb and Christian Simmons, the band has lifted the cloak of fuzz that swathed the bulk of the back catalog and instead amped up the greased garage stomp and rockabilly rumble that pumped underneath the whole time. Appropriately name checking influences like The Cramps, Flaming Groovies, Stooges, Hasil Adkins and Dead Moon, the album is a stew of exhaust pipe R&B shake and shudder that cracks a sinister sneer in places and careens ecstatically in others. The Cramps influences is palpable, feeling like they take the veteran rockers' Spook-O-Rama shake n' shimmy vibe off the rails for a quick joyride through the amusement park on Rock n' Roll Rorschach. It’s definitely the sound of Lantern lighting a fire under their sound and finally channeling the full force of their live setup to tape. Damn fine bit of boogie bit rock n' roll happening here and enough to power you through the dog days of the rest of your summer.


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