The Mantles

The Mantles return with a new album and a concise vision for their jangle-folk focus thanks to some production work from pop miner Kelley Stoltz. The band has always found themselves woven between the lines of the SF garage scene, and though they're not as toughly crusted as many of their brethren, they divine plenty of the city's ebullient spirit; mashing its tradition of paisley strums into a nest of Flying Nun jangles. In fact Long Enough To Leave crunches and swings in a way that puts them squarely in line with much of the current Aussie / New Zealand crop as well, something that can only help to endear them closer to our hearts. The album culls in a couple of early tastes among the ranks here in the form of singles "Rapberry Thighs" and "Bad Design" but they sound fresh and cohesive with Stoltz' pop touch keenly applied. As with the best of their catalog over the past couple of years, the album has a breezy quality that holds onto the past in spirit while knocking out a pop concoction that feels very immediate. Easily one to beat for summer strollin' and sunset peepin'.


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