Proto Idiot - You're Wrong / You Can't Hide 7"
Following his work with The Hipshakes Andrew Anderson has skewed towards both a twitchy, melodic form of garage pop that's reminiscent of latter Jay Reatard, when he began listening to Toy Love and espousing an obsession
with all things Flying Nun, and strummy 60's janglers that hit the Davies nail on the head. His new single for Trouble in Mind takes those touchstones as jumping off points but, as the label alludes, Anderson ropes in a love for The Soft Boys and Television Personalities to the mix; though its the combination of his past and present influences that makes these two tracks not merely a modern update of either of those bands. Instead its just a pair of hard strummed, catchy-as-hell shimmy shakers that make for damn fine bits of pop fodder in the course of 2013, fizzing like goddamn Pop Rocks in seltzer and scratching that jangle-punk itch. Its hard not to be intrigued by these two nuggets as to what Anderson can do in the longform, so here's hoping its not just a one off collaboration with the label but a taste of what's to come.


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