Winter Bear - Jump In The Fire 7"
A new blast of sunshine and fuzz out on HoZac; Winter Bear is the latest noises from Erin Dorbin formerly of Cave Weddings, now tearing through a solid wall of amplified strums, clatter-thunked drums and enough shake n' shimmy for ten late night
dance parties. Both sides of this single frizzle fry with the kind of fun in the sun that's perfect for summer's impending swelter (despite the polar references in their moniker) and now that its on its way, you're forewarned to get this platter on the turntable for all your summer gatherings. The band are playing Blackout Fest in Chicago this weekend, which, if you are not planning to attend, you damn well should get a change of mind. My heart breaks thinking about being too far away from the heart of the Midwest for this thing. Chrome? Dwight Twilley? Seriously they pulled the stops on this one. Get there sucka!


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