Tony Molina

Tony Molina, of the oft overlooked themselves band Ovens, cranks out pop nuggets with perfectly formed hooks tossed away like diary scribbles. The whole album's over in fourteen minutes, but in that time there are at least a dozen songs swimming through your skull, and the frustrating part is they're so good you want them to go on for a three minute journey. Maybe bash out a repeat verse or two? Nope, Molina gets in, out and onto the next one before you can even realize how much you loved the sugar coated gem before it. Definitely doing donuts through the parking lot of early Weezer here but popping into Teenage Fanclub and even a little Matthew Sweet territory as well, all worked out with the short attention span pop n' drop of Guided by Voices' more compact moments. Fittingly a cover of Sir Pollard's Men sits in the ranks on this record, and it fits so nice and blows by just as quick as Molina's pop Skittles that its easy to forget its not his own. Plenty of love is sure to come Molina's way, especially if he keeps up this kind of pop rampage in the coming months. You can pick up the LP below; just make sure you don't leave the room too soon after the needle drops.

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