Teenage Burritos - Strange Mutations 7"
Volar Records has whipped together a nice little subscription series that pulls together new tracks by Lenz, Cosmonauts, newcomers Fine Steps plus a standout 7" from Teenage Burritos. The Burritos pull together
members of RSTB faves Plateaus and Christmas Island and the ensuing tracks are a sugar frosted blast of pop that makes no allusions towards refinement, just scrappy swingin' sounds that make the days seem sweeter. The band had a six-shot tape on Burger and the b-side from this single reared its head originally on that release but it’s just as welcomed here. Shades of Black Tambourine, Beat Happening and a whole host of current British DIY come to mind but the band seem to own their breezy sound. There's a record in the works and if it’s as sunshine soaked as this 7" then we're all in for a treat. Pick this one up as part of the limited subscription series before they're long gone.


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