Shannon and the Clams

There's just something in the tone of Shannon Shaw's voice that brings the tingles of the first time the soul-crimped shimmy of rock n' roll hit your young ears. Like truck full of Ronnettes 45's careening into a cartload of Buddy Holly, Beatles and Dave Clark Five singles, there's a genuine joy and dangerous sense of rule breaking and world shaking flirting just under the surface of The Clams' output. Its a hair-hoppin' down and dirty sound that feels like it would perfectly soundtrack the best John Waters movies and yet still get the heads nodding on the most stoic prep school letter set. If you've yet to encounter Shaw in her live element, whether with Hunx or holding court as the Clams' guiding light, then you're more than encouraged to see her belt out these gems under the sweltering lights, owning the stage like the reigning queen of garage. Hardly Art make a good move to rope Shannon and The Clams into their ever growing stable. Dreams in the Rat House is a welcome addition of swooning malt shop double straw gazers and dance floor shaking hip twisters. There are plenty revving and reviving the tenets of rock's past glory these days but few are doing it with this much style, this much soul and the kind of commanding spirit that Shaw represents.

[MP3] Shannon and the Clams - Rip Van Winkle

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