Rich Ristagno - What Would It Be Like to Be Rich?
Drag City continues their archival dig through the private press stacks to uncover this oddball gem recorded by Detroit's Rich Ristagno in 1981. A lo-fi psych-funk odyssey that would make Ariel Pink drool,
What Would It Be Like to Be Rich? is dirty and nihilistic with the brunt force of Suicide slithering through a Funkadelic session and infecting the room with their negativity. Apparently an autobiographical journey, the record lives in a world of echoplexed mind fog and junk store click track head bob blown clean with more than a few solos played grindingly from the hip. Ristagno didn't move many of these, considering that the artwork was never finished and the copies he manufactured never made it out of the warehouse. Still some found their way into the right hands and Drag City's looking to right a few past wrongs by getting this one into yours.


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