Super Wild Horses

Super Wild Horses return with a follow-up to their HoZac debut and its just as taut and darkly rambunctious as their previous effort. Crosswords steps up production ever so slightly but still hearkens to an era of 90's femme fatale girl groups while wading into a new dark edge of guitar rock that rubs shoulders with post-punk in ways their debut didn't. They've still got that insistent wall of dual vocals that can feel like an attack at some times, a coo at others and more than often explode into a celebration; though they always seem to demand that you celebrate with them (and why the hell wouldn't you?). The band follows a creeping trend of throwing a cover in among the originals and giving it a new shade, something I've always thought worked better in b-sides but here the nod to Smokey Robinson doesn't totally break up the action. A nice step toward maturity, full of shades of blues and greys and while the brattiness Fifteen hits the spot everytime, its good to see them grow.


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